Roofing repair in Sydney and Getting Quotes

How to get quotes for your roof
Seems pretty obvious so lets put together a checklist on how best to go about it.
Have a look and see what roofing contractors are in your area on Google
You can also see in the local newspaper, but that won’t tell you much about their reputation.
The internet is best to follow up and check out any review websites relevant to roofing.
If you know someone that’s had their roof done recently even better.

Make sure you get the roofer to take photographs of your roof so you have a record before any work is done. Get them to explain what they think need to be done.

Get the roofer to explain to you in detail what he think needs to be done by showing you the photos

Get a rough cost. Most roofers will give you an idea but to be fair almost every roof job is different.

This is the point where unscrupulous contractors make their money, so watch out.

Get referrals of recent jobs

If a salesman turns up - don’t make any decisions under pressure. There is always another deal around the corner.

Get a few quotes, no need to go crazy, three solid, detailed roof repair quotes usually works well.