Roof repair detailed information for your Sydney Roof

Roof ridge cap tray
Positioned so the roof bedding does not fall into the gutter before it sets. Doesn’t leave any room for vermin to get into your roof from the gutter exterior corners.
hip tite bedding support

Roof Construction

Roofs are a complex structure and under the tin or tiles there is a timber structure. Wood absorbs moisture in the winter and dries out during the summer and expands and contracts with temperature. It is this movement that can cause issues with the bedding and pointing causing it to crack. Its the main reason why a flexible pointing material was developed specifically for tiled roofs and is part of the Building Code. As you can see from the diagram below roofs have plenty of wood that can twist and decay if not maintained.
roof timber diagram

Roof Plumbing

This is all the metal product on your roof and includes gutters and downpipes, valleys and all flashing material.